About Us

PNN technologies is a SOFTWARE developing and Marketing company, established in the year 2015 at Malleshwaram in Bengaluru under the companies’ act of 2005. A target oriented company with budding ideas and vibrant talent benefiting people of all ages and phases in the society. We proudly publish that our products are the 1st of its kind in the world. We concentrate on products and services which are of social benefit to the society, as our vision is to expand “knowledge” which we value the most, as they are an integral part of our lives. At PNN we dream to achieve our objectives by dreaming big and reaching the ends of the world with our technology and vision.

Authorized name

PNN Technologies was incorporated as a private company under the companies’ act of 2005, in India.


The company was established as a SOFTWARE developing and marketing company in 2015, at Malleshwaram in Bengaluru


Mr. Nakul Raj Reddy is a young and dynamic person with extremely talented gift and visions for the benefit if the society in general. His dream is to create a better environment for the future generation to live in, directed towards the stream of technology where everyone is active and alive.

Creative Team

Our designing team understands what it takes to receive more views, likes and sales. The designers here design various sorts of websites and strive to meet everyone’s requirements.